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Our mission at G.C.S will always be to provide a high-quality service while maintaining competitive rates. Through 

exceptional training, open communication and excellent business practices, we're able to provide superior services.


Reputation Does Matter

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A clean & organized work space provides a healthy and safe work environment. Its been known to build employee moral and it definitely shows your customers the value you place in your business. 

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Exceeding the standard of excellence!

G.C.S is a trusted service provider in the commercial cleaning industry.   

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Experienced Service Provider!

GCS has the experience and skills necessary to meet the high demands of cleaning health care facilities of various sizes. These types of properties require a customized routine cleaning & sanitation schedule.  G.C.S will provide all of this and more! 

Consistent, professional's providing exceptional results.

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Flexible, Reliable & Experienced!

GCS specializes in event cleaning services.  why take time away from your special day to cleanup when you can leave it in our hands? We're trained and ready to take on the after party disaster. 

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Attention to Detail!

GCS staff has a keen eye for detail which is indispensable in this industry. We push for excellence by exceeding our customers expectations. We want our customers to know we're ready for the next call.


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Always Prepared!

GCS is your one stop shop for all your janitorial services. For recurring customers we provide a customized cleaning check list to include equipment and supplies. In addition, we offer specialty services such as carpet & hard floor care, window cleaning and exterior power washing.

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Quick & Competitive!

Turnkey properties can be extremely profitable and time consuming. Throw in cleaning & laundry service and say goodbye to your free time! 


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